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Welcome to reinvented restaurant One!

Our new chef Johanna Kenraali relit our excellent charcoal grill, brought back old One faves and made everything else anew to suit our guests. This is her first menu for One, we hope you will enjoy it!


Parmesan toast          L(G) 6,00
Served with a splash of chilli oil, ruccola and balsamico

Cauliflower & miso soup     LGV 12,00
Topped with pickled apple, lemon grass oil and roasted almond

Beef carpaccio       LG 12,00
Served with Parmesan, caramellised nuts and cider syrup

Red beetroot carpaccio    L,G 12,00
Served with chèvre créme, caramellised nuts and cider syrup

Tapas platter       L(G) 15,00
Parma ham, chicken breast, sundried tomato, piccante chillies, marinated olives, parmesan, smoked reindeer créme and rye crisps


Chèvre salad        (G) 18,90
Fried chèvre disc, Devil’s jam, marinated olives, fresh cantaloupe melon, herb oil, nut crumble and balsamico syrup

Roasted roots & avocado salad        L(G) 18,90

Roasted root veggies, marinated black eye beans, fresh avocado, nutty mousse and fresh citrus vinaigrette

Oriental chicken salad           L(G) 18,90
Charcoal grilled chicken breast, Tom Yam sauce, grapes, pickled veggies, herb oil and sesame seeds


Children’s burger & fries          L(G) 11,50
Simplistic: organic beef patty, ketchup, natural mayo

- ask for add-ons!

Children’s char & potato mash  LG 9,50

Children’s chicken   LG 11,50
Served with sweet potato fries, natural mayo and ketchup


Chicken & arancini     L 28,00
Charcoal grilled chicken breast with a coat of Parma ham, deep fried risotto spheres and red wine sauce

Chimichurri hanger steak       LG 28,00
Beef hanger steak, grilled salad heart, roasted potato, spicy chimichurri sauce and jalapeno emulsion

Charcoalgrilled char       LG 28,00
Potato gratinated with Västerbotten cheese, grilled fennel and white wine sauce

Sweet potato & tofu       LGV 22,00
Lightly smoky tofu, grilled sweet potato, marinated red cabbage and soft curry almond sauce

Sauteed game       LG 26,00
Slow cooked game with potato puré, lingonberry and salt pickled cucumber

Potato alternatives: Västerbotten-potatoes, roasted potatoes,

country fries, sweet potato fries


One burger & fries        L(G) 21,90
Organic charcoalgrilled beef patty from local Bosgård, cheddar, pickled red onion, lettuce, tomato, salt pickled cucumber, chilli mayo & coleslaw

Chicken burger & fries          L(G) 21,90
Chicken breast, cheddar, pickled red onion, lettuce, tomato, salt pickled cucumber, chilli mayo & coleslaw

Vegan burger & fries       L(G)V 21,90
Beyond meat-patty, vegan chilli mayo, vegan cheese, pickled onion, lettuce, tomato, salt pickled cucumber and coleslaw

One’s classic: Topped fries  L(G) 9,00

Country fries with aioli, cheese and chili


Aioli, chimichurri mayo, blue cheese mayo    LG +2,00


Lemon times two            LG 11,00
Lemon cheesecake and italian lemon meringue

Chocolate & cassis             L 11,00
Chocolate fondant, chocolate mousse and black currant melba

Vegan apple cake         LV 11,00
Served with vegan vanilla foam and roasted almonds


Ice cream portion      LG(V) 8,00
Vanilla ice cream with caramel sauce - we have sorbet and melba aswell, ask your waiter for current flavours

All of our foods are lactose free and nearly all can be made gluten free - info the staff on any allergies, they’re here for you!

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