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Cauliflower & miso soup     LGV 12,00

Topped with pickled apple, lemon grass oil and roasted almond


Roasted roots & avocado salad        (G)V 18,90

Roasted root veggies, marinated black eye beans, fresh avocado, nutty mousse and fresh citrus vinaigrette

Sweet potato & tofu       GV 22,00
Lightly smoky tofu, grilled sweet potato, marinated red cabbage and soft curry almond sauce

Vegan burger & fries       (G)V 21,90
Beyond meat-patty, vegan chilli mayo, vegan cheese, pickled onion, lettuce, tomato, salt pickled cucumber and coleslaw


Vegan apple cake        11,00
Served with vegan vanilla foam and roasted almonds

Sorbet with melba      V 8,00

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